BitX is The

Exchange; Future of The World

  • ✧ Buy and Sell 400+ Cryptocurrencies with Zero fees
  • ✧ Send anytime, Anywhere in the world within Nano Seconds
  • ✧ Enjoy Peer transactions to get into Your Local Currency
  • ✧ BitX is the Exchange for Everyone
  • BitX has a mission to create a decentralized ecosystem that would become the No. 1 crypto exchange. Offering seamless transactions with no fees and delays.

    Main Features

    The Ecosystem has a purpose to strengthen the users through giving them the knowledge to utilize the opportunities to grow and Earn.

    Why to Choose BitX?

    Experience growth in a fair ecosystem

    💠Simple: The Simple exchange provides a simple way to manage trading, selling, and buying Cryptocurrencies.
    💠Learn With BitX: BitX enables you to learn about the latest technology and blockchain for a prosperous life.
    💠Decentralized: BitX is a decentralized exchange that eliminates intermediaries, which may affect or slow down the process and transactions. 💠No Fees: You can enjoy free transactions all over the world.
    💠Fast Transactions: BitX enables you to send money globally within nanoseconds.

    BitX Mobile App

    Boost your trading on the go with the BitX Mobile App. Experience the full spectrum of exchange features in the palm of your hand.

    Discover the future of ownership with BitX NFTs. Tokenize your digital assets seamlessly and explore a world where uniqueness meets blockchain.




    Spreading technology and enabling and educating people to use technology is the basic need of the time, and BitX will fulfill it.

    Phase 1
    Phase 1

    ◇ Project Conceptualization✅
    ◇ Website Development✅
    ◇ DEX Integration
    ◇ Community Development✅
    ◇ Market Research and Analysis ✅
    ◇ Contract Verified on BSCScan ✅
    ◇ Development #BITX infrastructure including all social media✅
    ◇ Website Launch✅
    ◇ Presale Launch✅
    ◇ CoinGecko Listing
    ◇ List on LiveCointWatch
    ◇ 2,000 Telegram Members
    ◇ Marketing Campaign
    ◇ CoinMarketCap Listing

    Phase 2
    Phase 2

    ◇ App Launch
    ◇ Network Launch
    ◇ Upgrade Partnerships and Listing
    ◇ 5,000 Holders
    ◇ 5,000 Telegram Members
    ◇ 10,000 Holders
    ◇ 10,000 Telegram Members
    ◇ Marketing Campaign
    ◇ Listing Bitmart
    ◇ Listings Gate
    ◇ Listings kucoin
    ◇ 20,000 Holders
    ◇ listing on More CEX
    ◇ listing on More CEX
    ◇ listing on More CEX
    ◇ listing on More CEX
    ◇ Marketing Campaign

    Phase 3
    Phase 3

    ◇ DAO marketplace Launch
    ◇ Exchange Upgradation
    ◇ Events and Community Growth
    ◇ Partnerships
    ◇ BitX Buy And add to lp Event From Marketing wallet
    ◇ Listings
    ◇ Listings Mexc
    ◇ 15,000 Telegram Members
    ◇ 30,000 Holders
    ◇ BitX (NFT Marketplace)
    ◇ BitX DEX
    ◇ Influencer Awareness Partnerships